20+ Restaurants where they cook in front of you

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It makes sense that many people might be perplexed about teppanyaki and hibachi cooking since both involve grilling food over an open flame. These different grilling techniques are used to prepare various foods and each has a unique history. Both allow diners to watch the grilling process so they can see the chefs’ excellent knife and grilling skills in action.

Hibachis are the big grills that diners sit around in Japanese restaurants.”The hibachi is a traditional Japanese heating appliance (Japanese:?, lit. “fire bowl”). It consists of an open-topped, circular, cylinder, or box-shaped container or table.

On these hibachi grills, the chef prepares the different dining options for you. Hibachi is frequently used in restaurant names and signage. The Heian period, which lasted from 794 to 1185 AD, is thought to be when the hibachi grill first appeared.

Hibachi is Japanese for “fire bowl” and describes a cylindrical container with an open top that is used to burn wood or charcoal. Hibachi containers are made of ceramic or wood and have a metal lining. The majority of hibachi grills are very aesthetically pleasing, and some are even built into furniture stands. Hibachi grills used in restaurants don’t use charcoal as a heat source; instead, they use electricity. 

Considering that they have an open grate, they are usually used to cook larger items. Hibachi chefs may perform while they cook, for example, by igniting cones made of onion rings to shoot flames in the air.

History and origins of this type of restaurant:

The teppanyaki grill’s history is unknown. According to some, the origins of Japanese cuisine go back 200 years, to a time when families would get together to cook their meals over small grills. Most people concur that Japanese chefs were responsible for the American introduction of teppanyaki as a grilling technique.

Yaki, which means pan-fried or grilled, is also known as a teppan, which is an iron plate. Many Japanese restaurants have teppanyaki grills, which are long, flat grills around which patrons are seated. The chefs wow the guests with their culinary prowess and excellent knife skills as they grill the food that has been ordered.

Both teppanyaki and hibachi grilling gives diners the chance to sample delicious Japanese food. The history of both cooking philosophies as well as the distinctions between teppanyaki and hibachi grilling techniques can help patrons of their favorite Japanese eateries enjoy their meals even more.

There’s a good chance that if you’ve ever been to a Japanese restaurant, you’ve seen chefs demonstrate their food preparation process on a grill. Your dining experience will be made even more special and memorable by this event, especially when you witness the chef’s impressive culinary prowess as the food is prepared right in front of you.

UNq things at the Restaurants that cook in front of you

It involves much more than just eating yourself, and frequently, it has little to do with food. When you stop to think about it, we frequently choose our courses in a very casual manner, choosing from any of the available dishes.

Entertainment value: watching the chef prepare your food can be enjoyable and engaging. It’s similar to a performance art to have your meal prepared in front of you. It serves as a kind of embellishment that enhances the memories of a fantastic night out with friends, fantastic food, and fantastic company.

Freshness: because the food is prepared right in front of you, you can be sure that it’s fresh and not pre-made. You dont have to be worried about the hygine or the ingredients being used in it as every thing takes place in front of your eyes only.

Customization: you can often request specific ingredients or preparation styles when you see the food being made. Since the food is being prepared in front of you so if you want it to be more spicy or less or want to add other stuffing you can ask them to do so.

What types of food are typically served at these restaurants?

A teppanyaki restaurant (like benihanas) serves one of the most well-liked types of cuisine that is prepared right in front of you in North America. This cooking method is frequently confused with the hibachi cooking method, another well-liked cooking method. Although a teppanyaki restaurant can serve almost any dish, meat, seafood, noodle dishes, rice dishes, chopped vegetables, and other delectable side dishes are frequently prepared by the chefs. Some chefs view this type of cooking as a fusion of Eastern (Japanese) flavors with dishes made in the West.

The main thing is that the chef’s performance art and knife skills are on display throughout the entire meal, showcasing both their talent and the delectable food. Fresh flavors, ingredients, and minimal seasoning are the main ingredients in this type of cooking. The mixtures are flavorful and filling.

Dishes that are commonly prepared in front of diners

The following are some of the most well-liked dishes offered at teppanyaki restaurants: Rice Noodles (many restaurants use udon noodles, which are thick and chewy) Fillet mignon,

tenderloin, strip steak, Chateaubriand, and other cuts of beef are available.

Chicken Scallops Shrimp Lobster Calamari Eggs with salmon and tofu (often found in fried rice dishes!) Monjayaki and okonomiyaki are savory pancakes. They contain a variety of flavors and ingredients. vegetables that have been finely chopped, such as scallions, bean sprouts, zucchini, onions, and garlic.

Although it may vary depending on the restaurant, the food is typically prepared in soybean oil and seasoned with vinegar,   soy sauce, wine, salt, pepper, sake, sesame seeds, Teriyaki sauce, chilies/hot sauce, and unique house-made sauces and seasonings.

Teppanyaki vs. hibachi vs. Mongolian BBQ

Even though many people mistakenly think of places like Benihana’s as hibachi grills, they are actually teppanyaki establishments. Even though both of these cooking techniques have Japanese roots, they differ in a few ways. The cooking surface between the two is where the biggest difference lies. Teppanyaki grills are flat, metal surfaces that are heated most frequently with propane.

On the other hand, hibachis require a grill that is more like a barbecue with grates. In the past, a hibachi was a cylindrical container with an open top (where the grill was placed).  Actually, the word “hibachi” means “fire bowl.” Hibachis used to use wood and charcoal for a unique flavour, though more recent versions may use propane or other heat sources. While teppanyaki-style cooking originated in the 1940s in popular tourist destinations in Japan, hibachi-style cooking is thought to have originated during the Heian era. Hibachis have been around for a very long time—from 794 AD to 1185 AD, to be exact!

Another type of food that can be prepared right in front of you is traditional Mongolian “barbecue,” or khorkhog, which is completely different from its contemporary counterpart. The meat of a sheep, goat, or camel is chopped to make khorkhog, a rural dish that is usually served on special occasions. Genghis Khan brought Mongolian cuisine to China during his invasion in the 13th century. Khan’s armies supposedly camped at night, built fires, and used their round iron shields as a cooking surface by throwing them down on the hot embers. As a result, the Mongolian Grill tradition was born.

Tips for choosing the Right Restaurant

If you are searching for a restaurant where they cook in front of you make sure that you keep the following tips in mind.

Proper Research: Research and read the reviews before choosing a restaurant, because there might be some dishes which you do not like to eat.

Understanding the pricing structure: Generally, these restaurants have high rates than the usual restaurants, so make sure that you search the rates of all the dishes well, before going so that everything is within your budget.

Popular restaurants where they cook in front of you:

1. Benihana

One of the most well-known hibachi-style restaurants in the US that use contemporary hibachi is Benihana. One of the first hibachi restaurants in the US, it was established in 1964. In addition to their steak, particularly the fillet mignon, they were well known for their hibachi dishes, sushi, sashimi, and other seafood dishes.

Price:  $$$


2. Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse

You can eat delectable food prepared on a hibachi grill in a hibachi grill restaurant. These grills are frequently seen in Japanese eateries, and they are rising in popularity here in the US.

3. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse has 7 offices spread across the US, with its main location in Altamonte Springs, Florida. The Kobe Japanese Steakhouse has won awards for being Florida’s best Japanese restaurant and for its event catering services.

4. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Due to high demand, this Brazilian restaurant eventually opened a branch in the United States. This restaurant stands out from others in part because it specializes in the churrasco technique. Churrasco is a grilling method that involves prolonged exposure to heat for the meat. The flavors become more intense, and the meat becomes incredibly tender. A market table, steak, seafood, chicken, lamb, and other dishes can be found on the extensive menu at Fogo de Cho.

5. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Gyu-Kaku, which translates to “Horn of the Bull” in Japanese, offers a traditional Japanese yakiniku (grilled barbecue) dining experience. Diners can share premium cooked meats over a smoking-free grill while sipping Japanese sake, shochu, and ice-cold beers.

6. Mongolian BBQ

Wu Zhaonan, a Taiwanese comedian and restaurateur, invented Mongolian barbecue. He originally intended to call the dish “Beijing barbecue,” but given the political sensitivity surrounding the city that had just been named the People’s Republic of China’s capital, the name “Mongolian barbecue” was chosen in spite of the dish’s lack of any connection to Mongolia.

7. Flame Kabob

Flame is a Japanese eatery with a hibachi grilling experience, a sushi bar, and an Asian bistro fare that is renowned for its impressive food presentations. When professional chefs cook in front of you, flaming up the grill while entertaining the guests with singing and food-grilling tricks, you can experience the fun and exciting part.

8. Texas de Brazil

Sit down at Texas de Brazil if you want the best that Texas has to offer while also taking in a little entertainment. This eatery offers a modern take on a classic Texas steakhouse. Its core is the churrasco culture. Serving and cutting the meat in front of you at your table is a part of that culture. If you want, they’ll even let you cut your own meat.

9. Shōgun

You might want to visit Shgun if you’re craving sushi or teppan steak. It has a dining area with fine dining options and a hibachi-style atmosphere. In Pasadena, California, the restaurant opened its doors in 1980. Due to its rapid growth, more restaurants were soon opened throughout Southern California. The skillful way that Shgun’s chefs prepare your food is one of the reasons for its popularity.

10. Dons Bogam Wine Bar & BBQ

Dons Bogam Wine Bar & BBQ may be a better option for dining if you like the concept of a hibachi restaurant but want something a little more private. This hibachi restaurant has more of a fine dining feel to it. You have the choice of a more private table where you can still see the chef at work in addition to the option of remaining close to the chef if you so choose. In addition to serving Korean cuisine, this hibachi restaurant also serves Japanese cuisine.

11. 99 Favor Taste

Going to 99 Favour Taste is a good idea if you’re in the mood for Chinese food. You can eat virtually anything at this hot pot establishment. Following the delivery of the food items you’ve chosen to your table, the chef or waiter assists in preparing your hot pot. The hot pot can then be topped off with ingredients by you or your waiter. You can fill your hot pot with a wide variety of ingredients. This means that you can basically make any type of soup or stew you want.

12. Nikko

This is a sushi bar in this Japanese eatery. Mostly, the sushi is made right in front of you. You can watch the masters at work while seated at the bar. However, Nikko is well-known for more than just its food and sushi. On weekends, you can frequently find a DJ and live music playing while people are dancing or just having a good time. If you prefer something a little more private, the restaurant also offers private dining in addition to the sushi bar.

13. Gyu-Kaku

The Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ is a fantastic restaurant that has a unique take on hibachi. You prepare food for yourself, much like the Samgyeopsal cooking style of Korean cuisine. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ is comparable to the well-known Dons Bogam Wine Bar, but Gyu-Kaku specializes in Japanese cuisine.

14. Del Frisco’s

Del Frisco’s must be tried if you enjoy a good steakhouse. Some of the best fine dining can be found at this steakhouse. One of the reasons is that they frequently stock wines that go well with specific menu items. Depending on the dish you want to order, some of their waiters who specialize in wine can assist you in making your selection. Del Frisco’s also prepares some of your food at the table.

15. Arirang

The Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is another fantastic restaurant where the food is prepared in front of you. This hibachi restaurant is distinctive from others in a few ways. Kids can eat for free, to start with. Second, the drinks menu includes some strong drinks that you shouldn’t consume near children.

16. Sakura

Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar Sakura. The seafood there is also well-known. The restaurant opened its first location in the late 1980s, and today there are numerous locations. In addition to offering a children’s menu, the restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood dishes. If you’re particularly peckish, you could also eat your steak with seafood.

17. Boucherie

Boucherie might be the place to go if you want to have a genuine French meal without having to leave the country. Boucherie has several locations in New York City, but Boucherie West Village is one of the most noteworthy.

You are permitted to take a seat at the butcher counter in this particular restaurant. You and the people around you can order meat at the butcher counter while watching the chef cut and prepare it.

It’s a great way to observe how the eatery handles and cooks the meat it serves.

18. Ko Sushi

Ko Sushi had been inactive for a while. For several months, they were inactive. When they reopened, they had a new menu on display and concentrated on using the best seafood ingredients they could find.

The freshest fish markets in the world are where they purchase their seafood. Ko Sushi’s food is probably going to be to your liking if you like seafood dishes like prawn rolls, smoked salmon, or tuna teriyaki.

19. Genki Omakase

Eat at Genki Omakase if you want to combine Japanese cuisine with a fine-dining-level presentation. Some of the classics that you would anticipate from other Japanese restaurants are served at this establishment.

However, it also offers House Specials made with the most recent ingredients available to the restaurant. Every single one is expertly prepared and presented to leave a good impression.

20. BD’s Mongolian Grill

You are free to pick and prepare your own stir-fry dish at the restaurant. They give you the equipment and ingredients you require.

While you collaborate to create the ideal stir-fry meal, you can have fun with your significant other or friends. You can also ask the chef to prepare a stir-fry dish for you if you don’t like cooking for yourself.

At your table, you can watch them make the food and pick up some tips for later.

21. Zest Ramen

An oyster bar can be found at the Japanese ramen restaurant Zest Ramen. It also specialises in offering a variety of sake. This restaurant is perfect for you if you enjoy a good ramen dish.

You can observe the chefs preparing your ramen or oysters thanks to the open kitchen.

Additionally, you can unwind and order one of their many sake beverages while watching the performance.

22. Odo

A multi-course meal known as kaiseki is served at Odo, a Japanese restaurant. A tasting menu is offered in the restaurant’s chic, contemporary outdoor setting.

They cook in front of you and use only fresh ingredients in all of their dishes. But since they don’t have a vegan menu or prepare food for them, Odo’s menu isn’t for people who eat only plants.

23. Sushi Suite 101

A private chef prepares and cooks hibachi-style meals at the upscale restaurant Sushi Suite 101. The hotel room turned restaurant experience is a first for the world.

24. Momo Hibachi Steakhouse and Bar

MOMO Hibachi Steakhouse is a fantastic restaurant to visit if you’re in Brooklyn and have a hankering for some Japanese food, like hibachi, sushi, and steak.

The minimum purchase for hibachi dinners from MOMO is two orders. Along with fantastic Japanese food, the restaurant also serves a variety of cocktail beverages.

25. The Chef’s table

Brooklyn’s Fare is home to the three-Michelin-star Chef’s Table, a restaurant with French and Japanese influences. Seafood, meat, and fresh ingredients are used to make delicious food at Chef’s Table.

However, reservations are required and formal attire is required when visiting this restaurant.

26. Newyork Sushi Ko

A Japanese restaurant called New York Sushi Ko is renowned for serving an intimate dining experience with 11 seats in an Omakase-style setting. Sadly, it had to close for good in January 2018.

In this restaurant, it is not permitted to take pictures or use a phone. It increased the restaurant’s exclusivity to those who wanted to eat there at the time.

27. Fuji Hibachi

You can watch the chefs prepare your meal at the hibachi grill table and open kitchen of this laid-back Japanese steakhouse.

Delicious traditional Japanese cuisine is prepared at the Fuji Hibachi restaurant with the style and flair that only a master chef can offer.

28. J-Spec

In J-Spec, the process of cooking your meal will be entertaining, just like in other hibachi restaurants. J-Spec, which stands for Japan-Specification, is renowned as a top location for Wagyu. zIt offers the feeling of two restaurants in one, with a great menu that includes a sushi bar, a seafood dish, and the best Japanese Wagyu meat.

29. KanaHashi

A Japanese hibachi restaurant called KanaHashi serves dinner hibachi-style food that is prepared and cooked in front of you by skilled chefs.

This eatery is renowned for its delectable, seasonal fare, including hibachi steak and organic miso soup.

FAQs about the Restaurant where they cook in front of you

What is the difference between Hibachi and Teppanyaki grills?

The cooking surface is where the two differ the most. Teppanyaki grills, are flat, metal surfaces that are typically heated with propane.

Hibachi grills, on the other hand, use charcoal as their heat source and are typically made of cast iron and are round or box-shaped.

What do you call restaurants where they cook in front of you?

In restaurants like teppanyaki and hibachi, the food is prepared in front of you. These restaurant designs that grill food in front of customers have their roots in Japanese cuisine.

What Cuisines Cook Food In Front Of You?

Japanese teppanyaki grill is one of the most popular types of food that is prepared in front of you. You can also order prepared Korean barbecue.

Why is hibachi so expensive?

The Hibachi restaurant needs to employ multiple chefs because preparing a simple meal requires so much more work.

What are 5 Best Restaurants to Experience Live Cooking in Dubai?

The Top 5 Restaurants in Dubai Where You Can Watch Live Cooking in Dubai are Miyako, Benihana, The Noodle House, Al Qasr, and Izakaya.

What are the best teppanyaki restaurants in Melbourne?

The top five teppanyaki restaurants in Melbourne are: Ginza Teppanyaki, Dohtonbori, Koko, Japanese Teppanyaki Inn, and Aya Teppanyaki.

Best Restaurants Serving Teppanyaki In London?

Outstanding Restaurants Serving Teppanyaki In London ·

1.Benihana ·

2. Abeno ·

3. OKA

4.. Ginza St. James’s

5. Hokkaido Teppanyaki Restaurant.

Final thoughts

If you want to spice up your typical dining experience, try out some of the hibachi and teppanyaki restaurants, where the food is prepared in front of your very eyes.

Many of these dining establishments, including Fuji Hibachi, Yakiniku Futago, Arirang, and MOMO Hibachi Steakhouse, serve Western steak dishes in addition to all Japanese cuisines.

But if you prefer a more private dining setting, try Sushi Suite 101’s omakase-style for a sumptuous meal. Additionally, to guarantee a seat, call these restaurants in advance.

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