5 Simple ways to take Screenshot on your pc

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If you’re a new Mac user and want to screenshot your favorite images, bill payments or appointments, and more instead of downloading them to your mac, our article will guide you How to do a Screenshot on Mac in a simple way. Sometimes, you need to screenshot your full screen on your mac, and in some situations, you need to screenshot a particular portion of your screen. However, here we’ve given multiple ways on how to screen shot on your Mac. So, let us see the guide on how to take a screenshot on Mac without any further delay.

First, learn how to screenshot full screen on mac.

How to Take Full Screenshot on Mac

  1. First, you have to Press the Command+Shift+3  buttons on your keyboard.
  2. Then Your whole screen, including the dock you’ve visible on the screen, and the toolbar at the top of the screen, will appear as saved a screenshot on your desktop.
  3. Now, let’s capture all your required bank transactions, hilarious messages, aesthetic images, and more on your Mac.

If you want to do a screenshot of a particular portion on windows, just follow a few steps below

How to screenshot a specific portion on mac windows

  1. The same process as above, you have to press shift+ command+4, here you should enter 4 to screenshot a specific portion.
  2. Then press the space button to turn on the target icon to the camera icon when the target icon shows up.
  3. Then you have to drag the camera icon over any open window, menu to take a screenshot.
  4. Finally, your screenshot will be saved on your desktop. This is how to do a screenshot on a mac.

How to take a screenshot on MacBook Air/laptop

How to do screenshot on mac

MacBook Air is one of the Apple organization’s most popular products. So, if you bought it recently and don’t have an idea of how to screenshot on your Macbook Air, windows. Here is a clear guide on how to take a screenshot in MacBook air.

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How to take a full screenshot in MacBook Air

  1. If you want to take a screenshot in MacBook air, you need to hold these shift, command,3 keys together. Then your screenshot will be done.
  2. Next, if you’re able to see the thumbnail at the corner of your screen, it means your screenshot on mac is successfully finished. And also you can hear the sound when your screenshot is on MacBook Air.
  3. Then, if you click on your thumbnail at the corner of your screen you can edit your screenshot.
  4. Before that, you have to wait for the screenshot to be saved on your desktop. That’s it, your screenshot done within seconds.

If you want to screenshot a portion of your screen on a Mac desktop, just follow the below steps

How to screenshot/ capture a particular portion of your screen on MacBook air.

  1. For this, you need three keys, shift, command, and 4, and press these three keys together.
  2. Next, drag the crosshair that will appear on your screen, then select the particular portion to capture it.
  3. To move the selection, press and hold your space bar when you drag it.
  4.  or you can also screenshot by pressing Esc Key and releasing your mouse.
  5. After your screenshot, the thumbnail will appear at the corner of your screen, click on it to edit your screenshot on MacBook air.  Are wondered where do mac screenshots go? Well, your Macbook air screenshot will be saved on your desktop by default with the name screenshot, date, and time. You do need to worry about it.

Final thoughts

if you’re a new mac, Windows user, this guide will help you to take a screenshot on your mac, windows. Of course, every beginner gets confusion to use its inbuilt features. So, if you want to take a screenshot of your bill payments, appointments, or your favorite pictures instead of downloading them, our article will help you to take screenshots on your Mac. I hope you like this guide. If you have any queries regarding it let me know in the comment section.

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