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Best Messaging Apps for Android & iOS in 2022

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Best messaging apps for android and ios in 2022

Texting messages and SMS are the among widespread ways to communicate with your loved ones over the world. Moreover, it is speedy and easy to do and it doesn’t halt what’s you’re doing on the phone like phone calls, browsing. However, if you like to communicate through text messages, your default messaging apps can’t give you the quality of services you required. So, there are a bunch of third-party best messaging apps for android users, that let you keep in touch with anyone and anywhere.

while Some apps are primarily designed for security and privacy, others are designed by offering additional features like audio calls and video calls. However, choosing the best texting apps from the bunch list according to your requirement is quite difficult. So, that’s why we’ve listed in this guide, the best free SMS apps for you.

Best Text Messaging Apps for android in 2022

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is the most trustworthy messaging apps on the list. It has a crisp and fashionable dark theme and arrives with customizable color pronunciations. Moreover, it also has additional features such as scheduled SMS, SMS blocking, blacklisting, Gifs, 21 text sizes, robust emoji database, and more. It has a standard version for free and a subscription for the pro version starts from $ 2.89.

I can say one thing is,  this is one of the best text messaging android app on the list with a clean and minimalized design. But, the only problem is, here you cant schedule your messages and it will display ads if you use a free version of Textra SMS.

Signal private messenger

Best Messaging app for android in 2022

Signal private messenger is also one of the best text massaging apps like google messenger, Textra SMS, Whatsapp, and more. But, the difference is, its advanced privacy-preserving technology will always be enabled. So, it keeps your conversations safe and secure. So, that’s the reason, there are many people been using this text messaging app for a long time. Moreover, it is a completely independent and nonprofit app, So, you feel free to use and also you will not get any ads while using it.

Google messenger

Best text messaging apps for android and iPhone 2022

Google messenger is also another top-tier messaging app for Android devices. It has arrived with high-end features that will help to contribute an unmatched messaging experience. Moreover, It allows users to block SMS, sends audio recordings, take photos. And you can also send group texts, share your favorite pictures.

Apart from these, it will allow you richer conversations like sending your locations, pictures, emojis, Gifs. Besides, you can also receive and send payments with google pay. Moreover, you don’t have to pay anything, Google messages app is completely free of cost.

Facebook messenger

Best Messaging apps for android 2022

Facebook messenger is yet another best texting app for both android and iPhone. This is also the same as WhatsApp, chomp, Textra, and more but, it has some special features than others. It will allow you to watch videos, movies with your friends in video chat and rooms when you can’t be together.

Moreover, it will offer you unlimited text messages and phone calls across the world with high-quality voice and text messages on android,iPhone and tablet, and more devices.

Chomp SMS

Best Messaging apps for android

Chomp SMS is another best messaging apps for android. It has a bunch of features, here you can schedule your reminders and birthday wishes. Moreover, you can change font style, text size, screen color, ringtones, and vibration patterns.

Apart from that, it will allow you to pin your favorite messages to the top, block messages, backup your messages. Chomp Sms lets its users give a quick replay even in the screen lock, Better MMS facility, group chats, and more.


Best messaging apps for android in 2022

Whatsapp has designed with unique features, security, and convenience. This app allows users to text chat, audio chat, and video calling as well as audio calling. Moreover, here you can share everything like pictures, videos, gifs, stickers, emojis, and more. Besides, you can share your location,  send and receive payments anytime.

There are millions of people enjoying using WhatsApp including me, yes even I’ve been using Whatsapp for many years. And have a great experience with it.  I definitely recommend you guys with my personal experience, this is one of the amazing messaging apps. Moreover, this is absolutely free of cost and secure your data, you can use this without any worries.

Final words

Be together by communicating via messages. So, if you love chatting with someone, here is the list of best messaging apps for android and iPhone. All these are completely well-known and free versions of text messaging apps in 2022. I hope, this will help you to choose the best SMS apps from the market list. Have any queries regarding this guide?  throw your words in the comment section.

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