100+ Best & Cool Attitude Status and captions for Boys in 2021

best attitude status for boys
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I think Social media is the best platform for everyone to express their feelings on it.  Moreover, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more useful for people very well. Especially for cool and smart boys to show their attitude directly to their friends, haters social media is the right place. Moreover, boys are looking cool and unique with this attitude status and inspiration for others. So, in this guide, we will give you a huge collection of Best Attitude Status for boys. You can express your feelings directly through this attitude status to your friends, haters, or relatives.

If you want to express your friendship to your friend then this guide on friendship status will definitely help you. Now comes to attitude status for boys, in this guide you will get a plethora of cool and funny attitude statuses. So, let see what are those and how it will be.

List of Cool and funny Attitude status and quotes

Attitude captions for boys

Attitude status for handsome guys

Cool and smart boys attitude status

Best attitude status for single boys

Royal attitude status in Hindi for boys

  • यहाँ किसकी मज़ाल है जो छेड़े दिलेर को, गर्दिश में तो कुत्ते भी घेर लेते हैं शेर को।

All these are the royal attitude status in hindi for boys.  So if you want anyone of these attitude quotes ffor boys ,you can copy and paste these from here.

Cute boy attitude status in Hindi and English


  • His anger and my love are the same because neither his anger is low nor my love.
  • When ूtu ???? love gives me ???? kɨѕѕ ना no ???? janu then ☝???? makes me feel cold even in this scorching heat.
  • I am surprised myself, I have so much love for you, why do I, …. !! * Whenever the word ‘love’ comes, your face remembers you …… !!.
  • How could you break the hearts of someone, दा God ???? gave me a single heart. 4.
  • Don’t show so much attitude Pagli. Otherwise, I will change you as I do everyday status changes.
  • Everything is set somewhere, we are just an Upset.
  • No one will come into my life except you, there is only one death which I do not promise.
  • Riyasate keeps on coming, but even today people still learn from us.
  • Always remember one thing, never think of anyone as small, time comes for everyone – note of 100.
  • When enmity starts getting fun, then… ..the enemies start apologizing….
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