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How to Fix Meetme login not working and Other issues

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Meetme Login is one of the popular dating as well as chatting apps on iPhone and Android. This is a completely free app and allows users to even play games along with a chatting service. Sometimes users can get on Meetme that won’t let the user to login. Generally, the error occurs as, based on the information you provided you may not be able to log in this time. It will happen in two cases: when you create a second account and creating the account after removing the old one. There are many issues with the Meetme login. So, in this guide, we will give the best solutions for all the problems related to MeetMe Login.

 How to Fix MeetMe Login not working

1. Reinstall the MeetMe app on your Mobile or device.

Reinstalling the MeetMe app on your mobile is the simplest way to get rid of all login problems. If you won’t follow our recommended steps, then you may get errors after reinstallation of MeetMe and you won’t fix that error easily. So, follow below few steps below to recover the error.

  • Tap on your mobile Settings.
  •  Then Tap Apps and Find the MeetMe on the app list.
  •  Tap on Force then Stop Select Storage.
  • Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Then go back andTap Uninstall.
  • Go to MeetMe on Play Store.
  • Install the application again.

2. Remove Recent updates from the App

Sometimes removing the updates fixes the problems. So, if the error has happened after update the App, then you’ll need to remove the recent updates.

3. Use only original Applications

If you install the app from unknown sources means not from the official google play store, I suggest you delete the app and install it from the official Google app store. Downloading apps from official sources keep your privacy safe as well as your phone.

4. Create a New Account

Sometimes our old profiles are blocked or IP addresses get blocked. So, if you don’t want to play around with the router and VPNs just create a new account. Before that, you just keep in mind is don’t use your old IP address when you creating a new account. If the error occurs even after register the new account, then you must contact MeetMe customer support. Because they’re promises to help in the verification and password problems. So, you need to mail Support@ by mentioning your problems regarding MeetMe login. For sure they’ll help you to fix the problem.

FAQs of MeetMe/Other issues of MeetMe Login

What should I do if I Get an Invalid Login Error On Meet Me?

If your getting an invalid login error on MeetMe that means there is something wrong with your account not with the MeetMe application. At that time, still, you can try to login again through the mobile version of the website, even though you getting an error just follow all the steps above to get a quick solution otherwise, you can contact the official MeetMe service.

How do I reset My Meetme login account? /I Can’t log in MeetMe

If you’re facing this kind of login issue then you need to take the help of MeetMe staff already they’ve promised to help their users if they have any errors while they get a login to MeetMe. So, you just follow the few steps below.

  • You have to Run your browser on your device.
  • Then Go to your mail address.
  • Click on Compose.
  • Then Write “[email protected]” at To: section.
  • You have to Write your issue like “I Can’t log in to MeetMe” on the Subject.
  •  You have to Describe your difficulty well in the mail. Type specs and model of your phone. If you are getting an error message, mention it in the mail.
  • Send the mail to staff and wait for their response

Why Do I  get an Invalid Login Error?

There are few possibilities to get errors those are either your account has been deleted / MeetMe has blocked your account or your account needs verification.  So, you should check your email first which you have registered to MeetMe. If there is any verification link or code then follow the instructions in the mail. Actually, MeetMe is sending verification codes to their users randomly for clean fake accounts.

So, if you haven’t any verification code on your mail, just follow the below steps.

  • First, you have to log in to your mail which you have registered to MeetMe.
  •  Then Enter a title for your support request.
  •  Enter your name which you use on the website on the mail.
  •  Then Type your registered email to MeetMe into the mail.
  •  Then Enter your country in the mail.
  •  Next, Describe your problem in detail in the mail and send it to MeetMe staff then you have to wait until they respond to your request.

Final words!

I hope, this guide will help all those who bother with the MeetMe Login Error. We’ve explained above how to fix the error and other login issues of MeetMe. So, you can solve your MeetMe login Error and other problems regarding it. And I hope you love this guide after reading it. If you have any doubts about the MeetMe Login error let me know in the comment section below, we will definitely discuss it later.

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