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How to schedule Instagram posts

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How to schedule instagram posts

Scheduling Instagram posts is a great way of saving time. Whenever you want to post on Instagram, having to edit posts, adding captions, hashtags and then post it on Instagram is a tiresome task every time. Having more than one Instagram account has become common for everyone these days.

If you have more than one account, one for your business, brands and another for your personal account,  managing multiple accounts and posting content regularly on both accounts is really a challenging task for everyone who is maintaining multiple accounts. So, scheduling your Instagram post in advance, that can take away the burden of account management and allows you to focus more time on content creation.

By following the below few steps on how to schedule Instagram posts,  you can save your precious time, create engaging content and get more followers.

What are the best social media scheduler posts?

There are many social media schedulers available online. Here I have mentioned the best of them.

  • Hootsuite
  • HopperHQ
  • Buffer
  • Later

These Tools will help you to plan your social media campaigns and set up your content calendar ahead of time. And provide you with the right tools to make your social media marketing successful with ease. Moreover, they will offer a great user experience. Let’s see below, How to schedule an Instagram post step by step.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts?

To schedule your Instagram posts, you can use any one of the above applications. In this guide, we will explain, how to schedule your post on Hopper HQ Tool.

1.Create an account On Hopper HQ

To schedule your post on Hopper HQ, the first thing you need a Hopper account, it takes only a few minutes of time to signup then you’ll get the offer of 14 days free trial to try it.

2. Connect your account

ho to schedule instagram posts

After you got an account on Hopper, then you’ll get a dashboard. Where you can connect your social accounts in order to manage and schedule your posts.

3. Upload your photos or videos

Once you get a hopper account, Now you’re connected and verified then you can start scheduling your posts. For this, you have to select what pictures or videos you want to schedule is uploaded them. On your dashboard, click on create posts. Then you’re able to upload up to 50 files from your PC, Mac, URL, web, Dropbox, google photos, google drive. You can schedule a bulk amount of posts at a time on Hopper.

After uploading your files, all the uploaded files will form as gallery posts. Here you can edit posts, crop if your file sizes are not the correct size for Instagram, you can crop them to adjust their size by clicking on the crop icon.

If you want to edit your pots, click on the paintbrush icon on Hopper to edit your post on hopper software. Here you can add filters to your post, add stickers, emojis, brightness, it will give you the convenience to edit your post according to your requirement.

4. Add captions and hashtags to your post.

After finishing your editing, you should add captions to your post, which should be creative and funny. Because captions help to grab your audience’s attention and enhance your reach. That captions will upload along with your post at that scheduled date and time. You can schedule a date and time for your post, whenever you want to post it. Moreover, you can add hashtags that are related to your brand or product or post and, you can add emojis, stickers to your post if you want.

To get more engagement, don’t forget to add captions, hashtags, and locations to your posts. A location and the right hashtags will give you 70% more engagement and enhances your reach. if you’re satisfied with your post-editing then add date and time to post and save to draft. Then your schedule is done to post.

how to schedule instagram post

Why should schedule Instagram posts?

Why should you schedule a post on Instagram? to save time, content management, managing multiple Instagram accounts, scheduling a post in advance before its publishing date is a great way to enhance your reach.

Saving your precious  time 

Basically, whenever we want to post on Instagram, we have to select photos or videos to post and edit them, adding the right captions, hashtags are quite a time-consuming task and this sometimes, it will make us delay our other plannings, works. So, whenever you want spare time, it’s better to schedule your Instagram post in advance.

Planning Instagram feed

If you want to see take your account to next level, then you should start planning your Instagram feed in advance to maintain good followers. So, using scheduler tools allow you to plan your feed and ensure your post reach.

Managing multiple Instagram accounts

These days, maintaining more than one Instagram account is very common for everyone. But, managing consistent content on two accounts is a difficult task. So, scheduling Instagram posts before their publishing time is a great way to create engaging content.

Engaging followers

There are millions of Instagram users who are most active in the morning, lunchtime, evening, and bedtime. But, it’s not possible to us every time when their active times. But, the Instagram scheduler software automating your Instagram submission. So, you don’t have to post them manually when your audience is online.

Content management

If you have more than one Instagram accounts, organizing content on any social media is a huge task. Using the scheduler tool will help to manage content.

Posting from PC or Mac

The main problem with Instagram is post content from Pc or Mac. There are many businesses, brand, influencers, photographers have their content on their desktop, pc and transferring files from desktop to phone to post is a difficult task. So, using the Instagram scheduler tool allows us to cut out these things and upload your content straight from your computer files or dropbox to your account.

Schedule your Instagram post in advance and create engaging content for your audience. Then it’ll automatically enhance your reach and followers. If you have any doubts while scheduling your Instagram post, read this guide once again.

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