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How to Turn on post notifications on instagram

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How to turn on post notifications on Instagram: Instagram is the most popular and trending social media platform. There are millions of people using this app frequently for various purposes. Instagram became a great opportunity for everyone. Some people using this app to introduce their brands or latent while some people using Instagram only for their personal use. However, people will follow someone on Instagram is a common thing. There are many stars, influencers, brands, celebrities to follow on Instagram and they’re engaging their audience by posting useful content and Instagram stories. Are you following someone on Instagram? If yes, then this guide definitely helps you.

Because, if your favorite person who you follow someone on Instagram posts valuable content on Instagram and that might be useful to you. But, you didn’t know that person post on Instagram means you didn’t get any notification of that person from Instagram. So, If it is a normal post that’s okay, Because, you can check it out further whenever you active on Instagram. But, if someone posts valuable content on their Instagram stories, there may be a chance to miss out on your favorite person’s posts. Because, as we’ve known that the Instagram story appears until 24 hours only, right? So, what if you’re not active until the 24 hours on Instagram? Because you don’t get any notification from Instagram. Have you experienced it at least once? If yes, I’m sure you will never get experience it again, if you turn on a post notification of someone you follow on Instagram.

How to turn on notifications on Instagram?

If you turn on your favorite person’s post notification on Instagram then you will able to get a notification from them every time they post on Instagram. Moreover, they don’t know as you turn on their notifications. If you want to view only a few persons on Instagram, you can turn on notifications individually. So, Shall we start, how to turn on notifications on Instagram? Let’s follow few steps below to turn on someone’s post notification on Instagram.

How to turn on post notifications on instagram

How to turn on post notifications of your favorite person on Instagram within seconds?

Step1: First thing you have to open your Instagram app on your device. Then go to the search icon and search for the specific Instagram Account that you wish to get notifications every time they post stories or videos.

Step2: Then, go to your chosen account profile page and click on the Following tab.

Step3: After few seconds, a popup will be displayed with many options at the bottom of your page.

Step4: After that, you will able to see the ‘Notifications’ option then tap on it and then turn on the toggle for “Posts” or “Stories” or “IGTV” or “Live”.

Step5: That’s it then you’re able to get the notifications every time they post stories, videos on Instagram.

How to turn on  someone post notification on Instagram on Android and iPhone

  1. Firstly you have to open your favorite person’s profile on Instagram.
  2. Then, Tap Following, then tap Notifications.
  3. Then, click on next to Posts, Stories, or IGTV to turn notifications on or off.

IGTV app for Android and iPhone

  1. First. go to their profile someone you follow by searching for their username.
  2. Then click on Following, then tap Notifications.
  3. Tap on next to IGTV to turn notifications on or off that’s it.

If you wish not to miss out whenever your favorite persons post any a video or stories on Instagram, you can turn on their post notifications by using the above simple ways. Then you never miss out on any post of your favorite person on Instagram. I hope you help with this guide on how to turn on post notifications on Instagram. If you have any doubts about this guide, let me know in the comment section below.

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