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How to type backwards 3 as Ɛ on iPhone or PC?

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In these modern days, people spending a lot of time on social media to connect with their friends, followers, and more. To save their time,  they are using many shortcuts, symbols to chat with their friends or loved ones. Now come to the point, most of the netizens are using backward 3 as a symbol of Ɛ. To express their love, people smartly using this symbol Ɛ> in their WhatsApp, Facebook, tweets because it looks like a love symbol Ɛ>. So, that’s the reason, this symbol Ɛ> has become so popular on social media.

Once, even I tried to type this backward 3 symbol Ɛ> on my texts but then I didn’t know how to type this Ɛ> on my android phone. Not only my phone, but there is also no option in any android phone or PC to type this symbol Ɛ>.

Are you also experienced this while you using social media? But, you didn’t know what to do, Right? Well, this guide will help you to know how to use the symbol Ɛ> on your texts or status. Let’s see how to use Ɛ.

How to use Ɛ on an Android phone or PC?

backwards 3


As I said previously, there is no specific option to use backward 3 as a symbol of love Ɛ>. But, don’t worry guys, you can copy this symbol Ɛ from this guide and past it wherever you want on your text or status. But, it’s a quite complicated job to use this method whenever you want to use Ɛ. Yes, I know.

So, you can use another method to type backward 3 as a symbol of Ɛ to express love Ɛ>.


For this, Just you have to follow a few simple steps while you typing on any text on your PC.

1. Open a blank document or new file word on your PC.

2. Then type 0190 on your opened document and press Alt+x, then it will transform into Ɛ on your text.

Final note!

I hope, this guide will help those who are seeking how to type backward 3 as a symbol of Ɛ. Have doubts on how to type backward 3 as Ɛ? So, let’s ask me in the below comment box, will try to answer you.

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