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The story of Vikram Betaal is one that has endured throughout the ages. The tale of a monarch named Vikram who is enslaved by a ghoul named Betaal that has attached itself to his back and is demanding that he tell stories in order to escape from Betaal’s grasp is one that many people enjoyed reading as children. Because the concept of narrative is so pervasive in our culture, the plot ignites every nook and cranny of our imagination. Any narrative that starts with the words “Once upon a time, a very long time ago.” is likely to get our attention for one reason or another. The movie Vikram Vedha, which was directed by Pushkar and Gayatri, is a perfect example of this.

The movie Vikram Vedha, which was directed by Pushkar and Gayatri and starred Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, is a remake of the director’s last film, which was released in 2017 and had R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupati in the leading roles. The fact that the plot of VV is quite straightforward and uncomplicated makes it a fascinating film to watch.

Vikram, played by Saif Ali Khan, is a member of the police force who has been tasked with apprehending a criminal by the name of Vedha (Hrithik Roshan). The film’s handling is what sets it apart from other movies, regardless of how straightforward that may sound. Vikram Vedha is not your typical film about a cop chasing after criminals. The movie has a lot of different layers, and there are also some supporting characters, all of which help to make it a very enjoyable experience to watch. The major turn of events occurs when Vedha, rather than escaping from Vikram, walks into a police station and surrenders himself to the authorities. His choice to act in this manner is illogical and completely irrational. Following Vedha’s surrender, Vikram will begin to hear tales from Vedha’s past as told by Vedha himself. Which is it: fiction or the real thing? How much faith can Vikram put in Vedha, and will he be taken in by the stories he tells? The film explores some of the ambiguous moral territories that exist between right and wrong.

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In addition to Pushkar and Gayatri, who are the ship’s commanders, the other foundations of this tour de force are the dialogue writers, Manoj Muntashir and BA Fida. They also contributed significantly to the success of the production. Their writing is quite incisive, and they craft their lines with the needs of the general public in mind. Everything in the movie, from the score to the way the camera is operated to the two main characters, works together to create a cohesive whole. The script is extremely in tune with the action that’s taking place on the screen, which is one of the film’s many strengths.

The movie also teaches an important lesson about how to feel confident in a two-hero film, which is a situation in which the popularity meter could go in either direction. The confidence with which both Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan approach their profession is the source of the enchantment that they bring to their roles. There is never a requirement to perform additional actions or to downplay any aspect. Hrithik, in his role as Vedha, helps us remember why we were initially captivated by his charisma. In the majority of the pivotal situations, he conveys a great deal of information mostly through the expressions on his face, his body language, and his eyes. He practically ends up becoming a receptacle for the lines that have been created for him to say.

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Saif Ali Khan, who plays the role of Vikram, is a perfect match for him. Not only does he stand out in the entry scene due to the fact that he is wearing well-fitting polo tees, but also due to the authority that he has over every phrase that he delivers. In the film Vikram Vedha, Saif has taken a decisive approach, and he does not hold back from giving his all in the more important parts. The confrontation and discourse scenes involving Hrithik and Saif are nearly fascinating and mesmerizing in the most off-kilter way that is even imaginable. When Vikram and Vedha square off on the big screen, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them for a second.

On the other hand, the movie is drawn out and indulgent to an unacceptable degree. The filmmakers appear unwilling to let go of material that is now on the edit table, particularly in the attempt to stylize and do the slow-mo action scenes. It would have been helpful to have more compelling scenes for supporting cast members Rohit Saraf and Yogita Bihani. Radhika Apte, who portrays Vikram’s wife, had the potential to have an equally significant role to play in the movie. In order to give the two main protagonists all of the focus, the writers fail to give equal screen time to the other voices in the story, even if these other individuals may have supplied a distinct perspective.

The Vikram Vedha is not ashamed of its hefty build. It’s also a lot of fun, and with two actors as rock-solid as Hrithik and Saif, the movie has no trouble hitting the target with ease. What do you think of this review? Let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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