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If you want to create a new website, then you have to know the best web archive websites to know the competitor’s website design, development plans, strategies, and other important details of some other popular websites of the same market to ensure your success. For this, we will give you a list of web archive websites that will perfectly useful for those who want to know other website’s data and their success strategies.

What is the Web archive site?

The web archive website is a well-known term for everyone, especially for those who have their own website. These days everyone hugely using these web archive sites to know the deleted data and business strategies of other popular websites. Moreover, If you want to know the particular website history and its journey from beginning to the present situation, it will help you to know the entire information about that particular website.

The web archive site archived information is available on www( world wide web) which is a non-profitable organization. Simply web archive site is a website that allows you to see how is particular website content, design, and strategies. Besides, you can see how it was in the past to the present.

There are lots of netizens using this website regularly.  But, what if it will not work? No need to bother, because there are lots of archives there for you like the Wayback machine but some of them are the best web archives.  Here we are providing the list of best web archive sites for you. Let’s look at them once and choose any of them rather than blindly believing any other unknown sources.

List of web archive websites

1 is an online application and that will help you to create a copy of the website. Moreover, this copy will remain online even if the original page is deleted. It will allow you to take a snapshot of a page which could change the job offers, price list, job offers, blog-related posts, and so on. Moreover, it will save texts and graphical copy of a page for better accuracy. And the saved pages will not have any active elements, they keep you safe. They can’t have popups and malware. So,  without any doubt, you can make your choice.

website link:

2. Pagefreezer


Pagefreezer is yet another alternative for the Wayback machine which uses a crawling technology is similar to the google. And it will work on an automated process for taking screenshots and data.moreover, this application will help financial services firms and enterprises to capture online conversations and monitor potential risks. Besides, you can capture internal social media networks by using a pagefreezer. Apart from that page freezer will help you to collect and manage online content.

Website link:

3. Stillio


Stillio is another web archive website. It will automatically capture website screenshots at regular intervals.  Like Daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, or any other frequency. Stillio makes it easy for you to archive web pages with an automated screenshot service.
Moreover, you can archive important web pages, keep records for regulatory compliance. Besides, you can track your competitor’s websites to improve SEO ranking insights, verify ads, monitor copyright infringements, track trends, and capture your online digital heritage.

4. UK Webarchive

uk webarchive

The Uk web archive is also one of the best alternatives to the Wayback Machine. It has been collecting millions of websites every year and preserving them for future generations. You can use this site to discover the old version of Uk websites. Moreover, you can search the text of the websites on various topics and themes.

website link:

5. Memento Time Travel


Memento time travel is a great choice for everyone to searching and viewing websites version that existed in the past. It will offer memento of different internet archives. Yet, this will exhibit the components of the webpages based on the time you obtained the request. Moreover, it will focus on different components like images, texts, style sheets, and more. Besides, it is easy to use and similar to pagefreezer.

Website link:

6. Alexa


I think, there no introduction required for this Alexa tool because most people are familiar with this website and it is owned by It will provide the entire history of the website and its browsing details.  Besides, It will allow users to know complete information about website ranking and keyword research. Apart from that, you can use this to view website statistics like domain information, referring domains in Alexa, traffic, audience insights, competitive benchmarking, and more.

website link:

7. iToool


iTool is an amazing tool if you want to know the specific website traffic, website reputation, and Alexa ranking. You can gather complete information about your targetted website. iTool is also one of the best alternatives for the Wayback Machine. Besides, it does not demand any payment it is thoroughly free of cost.

website link:

Final Note!

All these are the Best web archive websites. Moreover, these are completely trusted and well-working sources. Instead of using any unknown websites, it’s better to choose from any one of this list of Web archive sites. I hope, this guide on the list of web archive websites will helpful for you to get more information about your required website. Finally, if you have any other best sites and working well apart from the above list of web archives sites, let me know in the comment section below.

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