Celtics' Jayson Tatum on Game 4 struggles

Lined Circle

By Tirupati Gumpula

Jayson Tatum offered a simple solution to allow Boston Celtics to Win the Game 5 of the NBA Final.

He just needs play  better.

He also praised the Golden State players that they are a good team and they have a game plan.

But if its about me, I need to come up even better. I know I am doing well in some other ways, but I need to...

...more efficient like shooting the ball better, good finish at the rim etc.

He further said I take accountability for my role in the game.

Tatum has played according to his standards in the game so far. given 22 aasits and 4 turnovers in the last two winning games.

However, Tatum along with the rest of the Celtics short-circuited in the fourth quarter Friday night giving the scope to the opposite side.


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