The New Street View Camera Is More Portable (and Weirdly Cute) 

Street View vehicles have toured more than 10 million miles around the globe since 2007, 

While these cameras have enabled Google to capture many remote places, they are bulky, heavy, 

..and require a lot of computing power that must be added to their Street View vehicles.  

On Tuesday, Google released a new Street View camera that it believes will make it easier to take photos of remote areas such as small islands and mountain tops. 

A 15-pound camera can be customized with different sensors, such as lidar, at will;  

..and can quickly be attached to the top of a car's roof rack without having to modify the vehiclestomized 

It features seven individual cameras, each with a 20-megapixel sensor, so it can take 140-megapixel panoramic pictures. 

The camera is cute — even for a surveillance device. The device is about the size of a cat or small dog, 

with a blue top that is surrounded by white circles that enclose its large camera lenses (which appear like bug eyes).  

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